How It Works


Lasers deliver an extremely brief pulse of energy that passes through the outer layer of the skin. The pulse of energy is then selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink, which is then shattered into particles. Some darker inks will leave an initial “frost” that usually dissipates in 30 minutes or less. Over days and weeks, the body’s immune system naturally eliminates the ink particles.

At Tattoodaloo Laser Tattoo Removal, our expert, certified laser technicians are trained to select the proper laser wavelength and power to remove or lighten your tattoo as efficiently as possible.

We only use the Quanta Q-Plus C laser. This laser is FDA approved specifically for tattoo removal. Its unique ability to deliver high power for three wavelengths allows the Quanta Quanta Q-Plus C to efficiently remove all tattoo colors including the difficult green and light blue inks.